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Beware of "Song Services"

By Doak Turner

Once you send it to them, they in turn will send you a letter back telling you how great it is and that they will produce the demo for you (for a fee of course) and once you send payment and sign their contract, you will receive the song back on a CD. What they will fail to disclose however is that "your song" is now also partially owned by them as the contract you signed also signed away a portion of your writer's share as well as the right's to the master (physical recording of the song). What this means for you is that if your song is liked by a publisher, you would not be able to negotiate anything with them unless you get written approval by the crooked "song service" because you now DO NOT FULLY OWN your own song! This will hinder your ability to get your song placed in film or television also.

Doak Turner

As the Director of Marketing for Music Starts Here, nobody understands the "unwritten" rules of living and working in Nashville better than Doak Turner. Since arriving to Nashville in 2002, Doak has gone above and beyond just being a songwriter. From...


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