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Protect Your Song

By Doak Turner

We strongly recommend that you register all material with the Register of Copyrights in Washington D.C., and your ownership of the copyright is displayed on your tapes, CDs, and lyric sheets by including a, John Smith, 2014  ©. To order the necessary forms call (202) 707-3000, or write to:
Copyright Office, Library of Congress, Washington D.C. 20559. Request form PA to copyright the music and lyrics, or form SR to copyright the song and the actual recording or sounds. If you have questions concerning copyright, please call (202) 707-5959.

Download or print the forms here:
Doak Turner

As the Director of Marketing for Music Starts Here, nobody understands the "unwritten" rules of living and working in Nashville better than Doak Turner. Since arriving to Nashville in 2002, Doak has gone above and beyond just being a songwriter. From...


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