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Where Is Your Time Best Spent?

By Tony Bodoh

“There is nothing more valuable than an owner’s time.”

I nodded in agreement.  He continued.

“I just had this discussion with my partner.  My partner is always trying to find a way to save money, which is great, but he forgets how valuable his time is.”

Apparently, the partner went on a three hour search to save money on boxes that they needed for shipping.  The total savings?  $15.  

If you do the math, the partner just earned $5 an hour. But he cost the company so much more.

What if he had spent that time training an employee to be more efficient? Or, maybe even building relationships with existing or prospective clients?  These would’ve built future value for the company.

My new friend just shook his head, “I love working with him, but sometimes the guy just doesn’t understand his own value.”

Where do you try to save money in your business but really cost your company far more in value?


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