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5 Reasons Why Rehearsals are Important to your Success

By Soundhouse Studios

The current industry may be misleading in making it seem that success is all about marketing and social networking. Though those are very important aspects that must not be overlooked in the current music industry, one thing is certain, no one will want to work with you if your playing skills are poor. Whether you are a singer, a drummer or a guitarist, “practice makes perfect”.

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to work with someone who doesn’t know their instrument very well, who is not familiar with their gear and is not able to provide the tone needed for a song. It makes working together difficult and it’s not professional.

So here are the 5 reasons that we boiled down to as to why rehearsing is important:

1.     THE SONG. You learn to develop a song to it’s fullest potential by establishing tempo, arrangements and tone choices which all affect the sound of the song. This also helps to solve any problems that the song structure may have had previously, but that was not noted earlier.

2.     GROUP WORK. It is well known that working in a group helps to create something with a greater impact. Hearing people’s opinions and trying out new things that you may not have been aware of can make a huge difference.

3.     PROFESSIONALISM. You get to learn each other. One of the most important factors is to know what everyone is thinking throughout the song. If for example someone forgets a part and they have to improvise, by just making eye contact, everyone knows what they need to do in order to fix the problem. As a result, the audience won’t even notice the mistake. We don’t want members looking confused on stage and panicking. That’s not what our favorite artists do, do they? That is called professionalism.

4.     “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT”. One of the most obvious reasons is that no one can improve their craft without working really hard to get better. Even the world best musicians practice every day. I know you hate hearing this from your guitar teacher or your mom, but it’s completely true, and what best way to practice your instrument then to do it with your band. It’s the perfect opportunity.

5.     RECORDING. If you end up wanting to record a song, there’s nothing more stressful for a studio engineer or a producer then working with an unprepared artist. A lot of “over-produced” music is due to the lack of rehearsal. It makes it easier to have things fixed later on the computer, then putting in the effort of doing better. However, this kind of attitude will affect your position in the current industry. Songwriters, producers, managers, booking agents, labels, etc. want someone who is talented and easy to work with, regardless of the genre.  Don’t we all?

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