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Inviting Your Friends To The Party

Every friend that you invite who registers from your invitation will earn you 10 additional MSH Reward Points. Not only do you get those points, but your invited friends will also earn an additional 10 MSH...

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Navigating The Site

One of the biggest challenges we had as a team was trying to figure out how to make it as easy as possible for you to find all the amazing tools and resources of MusicStartsHere in the easiest...

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Setting Up Your Profile

MusicStartsHere is about more than just making connections. With the various free tools provided to generate additional income streams, creating and maintaining a professional and complete profile...

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What Are Reward Points?

Earn Points, Badges, Recognition, & ExposureEarn Points, Badges, Recognition, & Exposure with the MSH Reward Points System by being an active MSH community member. Points can be converted into...

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Customize Your Daily Starting Line

What's the only thing better than having daily access to the latest music events, trends, news, and music each morning?

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General Terms and Conditions

The website ("site") and related platforms, services, and products available on or from the site ("services") are owned and operated by LLC ("us", "we",...

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nashXchange Terms and Conditions

By using nashXchange, you have entered into a binding agreement to comply with the following terms and conditions of use (“Terms of Use”). If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, you have no...

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