The Payoff

There are many rewards for all the work involved in presenting our live show, "Nashville Side Streets", to the world at large. I am continually challenged with all manner of new info about broadcasting, editing, and digital ways to do everything from switching cameras and special effects to getting the word out about the show.

One of the reasons for doing the show, of course, is to help people achieve their dreams by giving them an opportunity for the world to get to know them. And one of the greatest rewards for me is meeting all the folks who have come to visit our studio to perform or to watch and support their artist friend or family member.

We've had guests from near and far and it is most exciting to hear their stories. I feel humbled and honored that they all want to come to our studio. I feel especially privileged by those who have traveled a great distance just to be on our show!

We've had a number of international guests, expanding my world. Anywhere around the globe, each town--or even a small neighborhood--has its own culture. Each country from where we've had guests—Spain, Russia, UK, Wales, Sweden, Chile, Venezuela—was once just a shape on a map to me. Now there is a face, a name and a voice.

I feel warm inside when I hear our visitors express how comfortable they are in our studio, that they can feel the music embedded in the walls when they first walk in. The house that contains our studio was originally my home, where I played my banjo to the walls and the trees in the back yard as I attempted to achieve my own dream once upon a time. My dreams have since changed, and another reward I have now is to continue playing without any goal, just digging the sweet sounds of all the music that comes from the studio.

This speaks of our own culture at Nashville Side Streets where you can relax, kick off your shoes and feel at home, which is the whole idea our creator/host/producer Ronnie Dean had behind broadcasting from the living room.

Much time has been spent, after the show was over and the cameras were off, just talking and getting to know each other late into the night.And then there are the hugs from so many of our guests! This tells me we must be doing something right! I think this may be the biggest reward for me. No matter how near or far our guests have come, we have gained many new friends. I am again reminded of our slogan, coined by Ronnie, "In this house you're never alone because music makes this house its home."

Nancy Hanson

Nashville Side Streets Co-Producer