Indie Radio Promotion - is it Worth the Money Spent?

I have seen many independent artists spend $1,000's of dollars to promote the new single. These are Indie artists who many times get their parents or an investor to pay, because someone told the artists or parents they love the song and can get it played on radio stations, have the artist pay many $1,000's of dollars for that radio tour to radio stations to get the artists song on the radio for a couple minutes and a photo at the radio station. 

I have heard the stories of Indie radio promoters scam these families - former neighbor of a radio promotion company that released six singles over a couple years to no avail, just broken promises to make money for the promotion company. Daddy kept spending money to make his little girl a star and that did not happen, it only made their former neighbor that used to be in the radio business a lot of money. 

Artists being told their song was great, and if enough money spent on the radio promotions company, it would be on the charts. I've watched indie songs on certain charts, yes with the big names of artists on the same charts at the bottom, but moving up and yet still as long as the money is being paid, still on a chart and what chart - for What Return? 

What are the returns of all the money spent? What Indie artists have had success, a return of their money, fan base enough to make the artists money and their parents not loose savings or because they can, pay to give their parents and artist something to talk about for a short time the money is spent on the indie radio promoters? Did the artist sell enough downloads and build a big fan base to justify the radio tour expenses?

So, you insist on spending on a radio promoter, to try it or you or your parents have been convinced to spend the money. Perhaps someone told you the song was good, took you to their friend's studio to record a song, or a studio recomended you to their friend that was a radio promoter - now what if you insist on spending money for a radio promoter?

Look for a radio  promoters RECENT success and real success - sales of the song, goals met by the team and varify the information to be true. So many radio promoters that Used to work for a label or in radio as announcer or program director years ago and can tell you stories of the artists they used to know on their way up the system. Yet - what success by a client that worked with the radio promoter can the promoter tell you that the artists is someone you have heard of and heard on the radio on major radio stations.

 Not all radio promoters are like the above  - Just do your homework and ask if money spent is Really Worth Spending on radio promotion. Can You Really spend money and compete with major labels for those chart positions??? How much return for money spent on indie artist? Do your homework - how much money was spent by labels to get those chart positions and have their songs played on major radio? What are the odds of an indie artist that their parents or an investor is paying that will make it to the "big time"? 

Perhaps, find other artists that have tried the indie artists radio promotion route and what they got out of spending $1,000's and $100,000's of dollars on indie radio promoters - what was the return on investment of the radio promotion?