Nashville Side Streets is gearing up with some great talent for this year of 2016.

I was sitting back thinking about all the talent in Nashville and surrounding states and countries as well. I have been in the music business for many years. I can't believe how much talent—and I mean real talent—is still on the streets and is not given enough general public recognition.

If you listen to radio today, there are many artists who sound the same. This is not to say they don't have talent. It is just recognizing that style is not very prominent in today's music. I believe it is because the music industry has us all believing there is only one way to sing write, or play music.

With every artist we have on our show, I realize this is not true. There are so many artists and writers who have a defining mark that makes them who they are—style.

I promote marketing from the Internet globally to reach more fans and to build a following over a period of time. This way the profits can be kept in the pockets of those who deserve it the most and, as the old saying goes, "the cream always rises to the top".

Last but not least, this way of doing business keeps the purity of the gift and does not infect it with marketing strategies that make everyone money except for the one who has the gift to begin with.

So, if you hear a sound that is different from the everyday media-driven music of today, embrace it and buy that music so that individuality, or "STYLE", will be defined as the new way to market.

Ronnie Dean www.nashvillesidestreets.com