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With decades of collective "boots on the ground" experience in the music community, we have fostered thousands of diverse relationships that we are able to plug our media advertisers into. MusicStartsHere provides flexible and customized solutions for connecting you and your goals to the exact "dots" that you have been looking for.

Our Users Keep Coming Back

Our large, quality, viewership provides advertisers with the opportunity to reach a targeted niche audience active in the music scene.

Real Results

We create real results anchored by long lasting local relationships developed over many years to bolster your exposure, brand, and footprint.

Custom "White Label" Marketing

Activate and reach out to your email database with current music news and events & your branded custom newsletter. Stay relevant with your fanbase!

No matter what your marketing message and budget are, MusicStartsHere can help set up an advertising or sponsorship package to get out the word to our captive audience for you and your company

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