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Ralph Murphy

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Bridgette Tatum

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The Nashville Journey

The Nashville Journey

When moving to Nashville the main parts of a songwriter or artist can be boiled down into four distinct areas...
Planning The Live Show

Planning the Live Show

Most people think planning their live show will make it less creative or even make it boring...
Protecting Your Music

Protecting Your Music

You work hard on your songs, and you want to make sure they are protected as well.
Turn Good Songs Great

Going From Good to Great

What elements can you add to your songs to compel artists, publishers and label execs to pick yours?
10 Band Rehearsal Tips

Top 10 Band Rehearsal Tips

Not effectively planning for your next band rehearsal is planning to fail Don't be "that band"...
Breaking Your Band

7 Steps To Break Your Band

Feel you haven't achieved what you wanted with your music? What are you going to do about it?
Self Promotion Tools

5 Self Promotion Tools

You work hard on your music, but you're not with a big label, how do you get heard?
What is muscianship

What is "Musicianship"?

A musical performance can seem like a magical thing, especially when you’re watching a master...